Best Advice: Getting Fired


Getting fired sucks. I would know. I’ve been fired plenty in my life. It’s one of the things that happens to creatives and others quite a bit. However, you don’t have to invent Nerdwallet in order to bounce back from being fired. It’s a tough road after that awkward conversation where they tell you that you’re being let go. However, take heart, your life is not over and you can spin this unfortunate moment into a great opportunity. Here’s my Best Advice about being fired. 

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This may not seem like the time to be making demands, and it isn’t, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for some things in your way out the door. They may present you with a potential severance package for your trouble. Look it over carefully and make sure that everything is fair. You don’t necessarily have to take whatever deal they have. Look over pay, retirement, and healthcare. Ask questions and see how willing they are to meet you on the terms. If the terms are fixed, take the deal. If there’s room to talk, proceed cautiously. 

Take Stock

Once you’ve gathered your personal items in a box and you’re standing outside, the shock of being fired can finally set in. In the days after you’ve arrived home, it’s important to take stock for yourself. What went right with the job and what went wrong? It might even be helpful to make a list and see how you can improve. Were there behavior problems? Were your skills not up to the task? These are all things to think about honestly in the days after your release. 

Update Your Profiles & Resume

Once you’ve taken stock, it’s time to get back out into the employment-seeking world. It may have changed since you last looked for a job so get familiar with sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and others. Now is also time to update your resume! Add your recent position with all your duties and what you did. Make sure to upload to places like Linkedin and other job seeking websites. Many recruiters and hiring managers look for completely filled out profiles in their decision making process. Make sure that you’re ready for them to evaluate you as a possibility for their hiring needs! 

Use Your Unemployed Time Wisely

Being unemployed does not mean you have to spend hours upon hours watching court shows. Not is a great time to brush up on skills and learn new programs or take a class. If your field is changing and using different software or other new services, it may be a great time to at least investigate them and get familiar with them. 

Getting fired isn’t a death sentence. It just means that position didn’t work out. With a little hard work on the job board and and some luck, you’ll be back working and in a position that’s a better fit!