Best Advice: The Holidays


The Holidays are here and I’ve decided to add to my Best Advice series about how to handle the holidays. The holidays can be a tough time of year for a variety of reasons. From loved ones that have passed over to dread over finances November and December are by-words for stress. This year you can shift your attitude and make things a little less stressful.

Step 1: Be Self-ful

Being self-ful is the act; the virtue of taking care of oneself. If you cannot take care of yourself then you certainly cannot take care of others, in fact, it’s impossible. The first person to think of this holiday season is yourself. Seem counterintuitive? Look at it this way, how good are you at family events half-tired with maxed credit cards on the brain? You are not as present as you need to be. To change that ask yourself a few questions, Are you getting enough sleep? Are you doing small kindnesses to yourself that help you do and be better for others? That is what is most important this holiday season. When you have taken care of yourself you can take care of others and do so from a place of abundance.

Step 2: Give Wisely

With all the commercials from retailers promoting products for the season, it is hard to think about giving wisely. Giving wisely means giving the person what they need. Sometimes we can’t accomplish that but in some ways if we shift our giving we can have greater impact. It means creating priorities. Should you spend $400 on a electronic gadget or simply give them that money for their car that needs repaired? Maybe instead of pricey items, you can give the gift of savings or investment. Even small amounts add up over time. What can be better than some financial peace of mind? Perhaps, sending everyone a card with a small bit about charities you have given to in their name. Give the commercialization of the holiday season a knockout by doing something that actually helps people and gives people a good feeling about good things being done in their name.

Step 3: Remain Calm

When I was growing up, the holidays were a time of dread. No holiday was complete without at least one blow up fight, without at least one bout of silence. What I learned as the years went by was that to remain calm gave me power that I otherwise did not possess. If I could not remain calm the only person I hurt was myself. So when the tempest that is my mother blew: I remained calm. It didn’t change the pattern and it didn’t change what went on, but my soul felt better and I felt better. That is what the holidays are all about.

I hope this Best Advice helps you navigate the season with a sense of Grace and Ease.