Cameron’s Official Documentary List

Welcome to my official documentary list! All of these documentaries are on Amazon Prime and Netflix. A quick Google search will get you to where you need to go. Some of these are incredibly well produced and others are more amateur but they all have quality information. I’ve roughly organized them by categories. You can tell my interest areas. I’m not a huge fan of true crime but there are a few in there about that. These documentaries focus on giving you a bigger and better perspective on our world. It is difficult to travel to all these places or see all these things. Some of these things happened in the past and now perspective gives us fresh insight. This list is here to educate, inform, and sometimes amuse. When I find new documentaries, I will update the list but this is a good start on getting a more well-rounded view of the world around us and the problems that we face.

Race and Racism

Let It Fall
Owned: A Tale of Two America’s
Spanish Lake
What Happened Miss Simone?


SOS the Salton Sea Walk
What Lies Upstream
Black Ice
The Devil We Know
Circle of poison
Lube Job: Big Oils War on Louisiana Wetlands
Tar Creek
The First Secret City
The Town that Was
The Dust Bowl
Johnstown Flood
Forgotten Tragedy: The Story of St Francis Dam
What Lies Upstream
The Price We Pay
Return of the River
A River’s Last Chance

Big Tech

Google and The World Brain
There’s No Place Like Utopia
The Creepy Line
The Truth About Killer Robots


Big Money Agenda: Democracy on the brink
Rigged the voter suppression playbook
Killing Jimmy Hoffa
the Kill Team
9/11 the falling man
Red Metal: The Copper country strike of 1913
Dark Money
The Wall
American coup
Get Me Roger Stone


Ghost Exchange
Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis
The Flaw
Offshore incorporated
Panic: the GFC
The Age of Cheap
Money for Nothing
Work and Happiness: The Human Cost of Welfare
Boom Bust Boom
Last Truck: The Closing of a GM Plant
Poverty Inc

Drugs and Drug Crisis

Heroin: Cape Cod USA
Prescription Thugs
How to Fix a Drug Scandal
The Great Hack

Interesting but Unrelated Films

The Big House Reborn
Jasper Mall
Will Work for Views
Sick School
Facing East
Bottled Up: The Battle Over Dublin Dr. Pepper
Wheat and Tares
The Disrupted
Man on Wire